The Art of Packaging

A musical note

Packaging a product is as important as the product itself. Absolut Vodka or Old Monk Rum, Paper Boat or Frooti, the content is relished as mush as the packaging of the content.

you don’t need a spoon

There have been enough research on the effectiveness of packaging, with the theorists upgrading 4 Ps to 7 Ps and then to 8 Ps adding packaging as one of the Ps.


Companies don’t think twice before hiring a designer to help them create a packaging which would help them stand out in a crowded marketspace.

the shape of a grape

Some designers would take that extra step to ensure the packaging of the product helps the brand make a statement.

Ready for a kiss?

Some would end up designing the packaging that ends up on creating a presence by itself on the shelf.

The complete picture

For some, packaging designs have become an integral part of the product presentation, adding an experience to the product consumption…

The mustache is as important

… and some get a boring product more interesting…

The tower of Spaghetti

Some would make a deadly statement…

The package of death

… other would get a smile…

Hair today, gone tomorrow

… some just make a statement…

Pebbles and Zen
Zen of a Bamboo

… some get you the convenience of usage…

Hang the bag

… and some just draw a parallel with the source…

The mountain and the spring
Drink the fruit!

Now, just think about it… would you buy a brand just for the packaging?



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