Happiness in Economy Pack

It was getting dark at 7.30 in the morning. As I looked up in the sky, I could see clouds in hues of grey waiting to come down and touch Mother Earth. It was a long journey for these clouds. Over the last 10 months, they worked very hard to hold on to the vapors. Just 3 days back, the temperature was souring at 43 degrees and there was no sign of rain for us. Things changed, like they always do… without notice. It was getting dark and I expected a shower.

Standing at the balcony of my second floor flat, I looked at the restlessness of birds and felt mild breeze engulfing me giving a soothing effect to my soul. The feeling was ecstatic. Waiting for the first drops to touch me, I looked at the sky…

The first drops of rain came straight onto my face. The drops touched me gently sending a shiver across my body. This was the first time I experienced the pureness of God’s act. Closing my eyes, I imagined myself floating in the air with the clouds. Who knows what’s in store for me the very next moment. I lived for the moment…

The roads turned darker… bikers stopped under the trees… cars zoomed through the roads with their wipers cleaning the drops… birds desperately trying to find shelter… but here I was… drenched in the first shower, thinking of what everyone else was missing…

Observing small things helps us understand the true meaning of life. These small inconsequential things go completely unnoticed and we miss yet another opportunity to live our lives to the fullest. The real pleasure is in these small things that nature gives us gift wrapped. The mistake that we commit is that we never open the wrap.


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Sandeep Bhasin

Ph.D. in Economics, Passionate about Game Theory, a biker, a Father, Son, a brother, a husband, a friend, and unfriend … just like you!